The Technancial Company

Head of Global Business Development

Since our engagement with the team at New Journey Group (formerly, MPRC Global) in 2015, The Technancial Company’s profile and visibility has grown beyond my expectation. Their understanding of our business coupled with the FinTech market and connecting us with relevant media channels, is second to none. Combined with their strategic approach, it has formed an all-encompassing PR, media and communications programme for us right from the word “go”. The NJG team steadily execute solutions with accuracy and professionalism, time and time again, and has delivered real results in terms of our market position and recognition. The team is highly dedicated, hard-working and always committed to constantly evolve our brand and propositions to the next level. The outcome we experience with NJG speaks for itself.


Head of Corporate Communications & Marketing

"I have been working with Marc and his team since 2007 and throughout that time EEX has been consistently impressed with their sophisticated approach to PR. Their strategic understanding of the complexities of our business coupled with their excellent media relations have benefitted our organisation immeasurably.

At the core of New Journey Group (formerly, MPRC Global) is an unwavering commitment to do the very best for their clients. The team has always instilled a great sense of confidence in the EEX Group and their measurement processes ensures that we are able to assess our ROI every step of the way.

I am delighted to recommend NJG to clients who value proactive, strategic thinking and an ability to deliver results and exceed expectations."

Genscape Inc. 

Chief Marketing Officer

"Marc and the team have been instrumental in positioning Genscape - the brand, its value proposition, and key messages within the European media landscape. We came to New Journey Group (formerly, MPRC Global) at a time when our core values and industry innovations were not getting the required cut-through that they deserved.

However, thanks to their clear thinking, highly defined strategy, quality journalist contacts and a structured set of deliverables, NJG was able to very rapidly get the attention and therefore the positioning that we required. The consultancy also goes well beyond a pure media remit and have worked in conjunction with us to change and improve specific sectors of Genscape as a global business.  We rely on their strategic drive on a day-to-day basis to evolve our brand. The team are 'doers' and achievers and one of their biggest strengths is that they make things happen.

As an example, we were knocking on the FT's door for 3 years pre-NJG with no joy.  Within the space of just 12 months, NJG had solidified our relationship with the FT, generating articles and considerable coverage.  As a marketer, I have worked with many agencies in the past and I can confidently say that Marc and the team are the real deal."


Marketing & Communications Manager

"Given their expertise in understanding the complex nuances of our global, multi-commodity business - together with a highly strategic drive - means that we get top-end results from them every step of the way.  I am delighted to provide a testimonial to support New Journey Group (formerly, MPRC Global) who we see as an integral extension to CLTX's marketing function and at the core of our Exchange's PR communications activity. 

The consistently proactive methodology their team utilises ensures that the deliverables and targets we set are not only met, but surpass these goals.  It is a real pleasure to work with the NJG team and I would be delighted to speak on their behalf at any time."

London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE)

Senior Director & Professor

The numerous co-operations we have benefited via a wide variety of clients introduced by New Journey Group (formerly MPRC Global) have had an immense impact in our quest for developing and evolving the Climate Change Division’s outreach at the LSE. 

The contribution which Marc and his industry-leading clients have made over the years to further the intersection of environmental economics, energy markets and private organisations has been extremely impactful, particularly in the areas of carbon markets and influencing climate change policy in the UK and beyond. Their conception of opportunities for the LSE to engage with our influencers on new platforms and to further our research mandate has been remarkable and a welcome collaboration with new audiences.


Director of Corporate Affairs

In order to stay ahead of the highly competitive corporate banking segment, we hired the New Journey Group (formerly MPRC Global) team to create an all-encompassing and unified communications programme throughout the UK. Through a vigorous, multi-channel media presence designed by them, Barclays enjoyed a high profile in this important segment and independent research indicated a very strong recall of our brand amongst user-groups.


NJG’s strategy, content creation and delivery surpassed our goals and the results ensured that Barclays was not only in pole position, but was also the bank of choice in this sector.