Photography & Video Production

Founded in 2009 by University friends Andy Poulastides and Martin Beney, Three-Edged Productions is a media production company specialising in film, photography, design, web and image production for industry leading global clients in the aerospace, finance, construction and engineering sectors, to name a few. We are based in London and have served clients as far afield as Australia, Dubai, Singapore and the USA.

At our core are an experienced production crew featuring highly skilled writers, producers, camera operators, editors (award winning we might add) and post-production specialists, including graphic design, animation and artworking. This enables us to produce beautifully rich media with high production values on every type of project imaginable and our wide network of talented and trusted professionals means that no project is beyond our scope.

Our company mission is quite simple, to produce high-quality media at affordable cost to our clients, without compromise.

Through our partnership with New Journey Group, we are able to reach new heights of content creation and look forward to diligently crafting your media requirements from scratch.